First published in 2009, Lifting Matters began as a monthly safety newsletter for the crane industry featuring a consolidation of crane incidents and near-misses from around the world. Our vision for Lifting Matters going forward is that it becomes an influential and collaborative communication tool for our industry.

The objective is to have Lifting Matters in every crane cabin in Australia and internationally. Crane operators, riggers and dogmen who make many of the critical lifting decisions spend plenty of time waiting on standby in the field. What better way to use this time than educating ourselves and each other about safety learnings in the industry. Our objective is to have this booklet readily available to stimulate discussion and idea sharing in the field on real work sites. We want every crane operator in Australia to know of and learn from each of the incidents reported.

There are plenty of horror stories of crane incidents available online. Often these incident reports focus on the events of the incident, but at Lifting Matters we focus on the learnings from these events. We hope to serve as a learning tool for both our frontline and support team members to prevent unnecessary reoccurrence of incidents on worksites.

This is why Lifting Matters is produced in many different formats, including this website, as a downloadable PDF or in printed hardcopy. If you prefer printed copies, please send your postal address and number of copies you require to or you can also subscribe below to receive your quarterly copy via email.